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Man working on utility poles

July Updates

July 31st – We have just received notification from Consolidated Communications (owners of the utility poles) that they are ready for us to begin pole survey work! We will be surveying over 2,000 utility poles to determine which poles are ready for attachment and which poles need some pre-attachment work. Next up, we string the fiber!

The Influence of Broadband Internet on Rural Communities

A recent study by the Blandin Foundation, an organization focused on improving rural areas in Minnesota, has demonstrated that rural communities realize economic benefits from the deployment of high-speed Internet. Although the study focused on rural counties in Minnesota and West Virginia, the results can be applied to all rural communities- including Baileyville and Calais, Maine.

Meet the Post Road Foundation

Downeast Broadband Utility has been fortunate enough to partner with the Post Road Foundation, a nonprofit that values the link between sustainability and broadband internet connectivity. They’re focused on studying and researching the anticipated benefits of fiber optic technology within communities, particularly what needs to be done to yield greater energy savings, lower costs, and Read More

Downeast Broadband Featured on Community Broadband Network Podcast

News of our project is spreading, and here at Downeast Broadband we’re excited to have some great opportunities to share what we’re doing to help the Baileyville and Calais, Maine communities! Earlier this month our DBU director, Julie Jordan, got to talk in depth about our initiative for accessible high-speed broadband internet on the Community Read More

June Updates

These communication buildings are now in place in Calais, Maine! They will house the fiber that will bring you the fastest, most reliable Internet service available. Each unit weighs about 42,000 pounds and is made of pre-cast concrete.

Fiber Optic Broadband Internet – Current Progress

May Updates: Central Office sites for Baileyville and Calais have been determined! The Baileyville central office will be located on Broadway Street, adjacent to the Town Office and the Calais central office will be on Scouting Way, just off South Street.

Ten Reasons Why Fiber Optic Internet Benefits Rural Communities

There is more to fiber optic internet than simply offering faster service. It also opens the door for the Baileyville and Calais communities in terms of education, economic growth and more. When people ask how bringing faster internet to rural Maine communities can make a difference, our team at Downeast Broadband Utility begins by outlining Read More