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January Updates

Construction of the new fiber to the home network is scheduled to start in Baileyville Monday January 7th on Washington Street.  The build-out will continue in Baileyville as weather permits.  The Calais construction crew is waiting on final acceptance from Consolidated Communications on pole attachments…

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October Updates

On October 25th, Downeast Broadband received official notification from Consolidated Communications that “make-ready” work for the first set of pole attachment applications had been completed.  Here’s how the process works…


The Inside Scoop on Dark Fiber

As we talk about bringing better connectivity to the Calais and Baileyville, Maine communities, we mention the use of an open access fiber network. Our approach is slightly different however, in that we are going to be deploying dark fiber to homes and businesses. What is dark fiber?

September Updates

September 13th – For the past year, Downeast Broadband has been working to bring fiber optic Internet access to the communities of Baileyville and Calais. Part of the project includes obtaining permission from the owners of the utility poles to attach the fiber. All of the poles in question are owned by either Consolidated Communications or Eastern Maine Electric Cooperative – except for one…

Bangor, Maine Recognizes the Need for High-Speed Internet

Within the state of Maine, communities are beginning to discuss the benefits of installing citywide fiber optic broadband.  Bangor, the third largest city in Maine, is the most recent community to vocalize this need. The City’s first step was to formally declare that fiber optic broadband is an essential addition to its overall infrastructure.  The Read More

August Updates

August 13th – Saw the culmination of months of negotiations with pole owners to reach an agreement to attach to the poles.  Eastern Maine Electric Cooperative, Consolidated Communications (pole owners) and Downeast Broadband signed off on the official “Pole Attachment Agreement.”  The Maine Public Utilities Commission gave their approval to attach in early March. We Read More

Downeast Broadband – Our History

In 2015, a group of local community leaders began meeting regularly to discuss ways of revitalizing the area’s stagnant economy.  After deciding that active recruitment of new businesses was a good first step, they created a detailed list of regional assets that could be attractive to new employers, employees and their families.  Although the list Read More

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July Updates

July 31st – We have just received notification from Consolidated Communications (owners of the utility poles) that they are ready for us to begin pole survey work! We will be surveying over 2,000 utility poles to determine which poles are ready for attachment and which poles need some pre-attachment work. Next up, we string the fiber!

The Influence of Broadband Internet on Rural Communities

A recent study by the Blandin Foundation, an organization focused on improving rural areas in Minnesota, has demonstrated that rural communities realize economic benefits from the deployment of high-speed Internet. Although the study focused on rural counties in Minnesota and West Virginia, the results can be applied to all rural communities- including Baileyville and Calais, Maine.