Bangor, Maine Recognizes the Need for High-Speed Internet

Within the state of Maine, communities are beginning to discuss the benefits of installing citywide fiber optic broadband.  Bangor, the third largest city in Maine, is the most recent community to vocalize this need.

The City’s first step was to formally declare that fiber optic broadband is an essential addition to its overall infrastructure.  The Council understands that more extensive research is required to make a case for the City to invest in such a public utility.

At the end of July, when the topic was discussed, Eric Conrad, director of communications and education services for the Maine Municipal Association, stated, “Broadband is almost as important to our economic development as building a road to a factory used to be.  Whether you’re in a rural area or not, Internet connectivity at a high speed is maybe the No. 1 infrastructure need for Maine towns and cities in the 21st century.”

The municipal members of Downeast Broadband couldn’t agree more and took to the bold step to “invest in themselves” by forming the utility and financing the project to build an 87 mile state of the art broadband network.

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