Downeast Broadband Utility Garners Attention from the Maine Community

It’s not often that you hear about rural towns like Baileyville and Calais, Maine in major news headlines. Recently that has all been changing as energy and excitement surround the two communities and their ambitious plans for the future. As a result, the Bangor Daily News featured Downeast Broadband Utility in two articles to highlight the ways in which rural communities like Baileyville and Calais, Maine are making faster internet a possibility.

Other Maine communities have taken on similar initiatives, but Downeast Broadband is the first of its kind to create a nonprofit that strives to make fiber optic broadband internet a reality. One article points out just how big of an undertaking it is for rural communities to tackle. Despite being a projected $2.5 million dollar project, the payoff will be worth it in the long run. These communities can now stay economically competitive, as they pave the way for a better future. Read more here.

Why are Fiber-Optic Cables so Unique?

Unlike copper wire networks that were designed to transmit cable and telephone signals, fiber-optic cables are capable of transmitting data at a much faster speed. With the way the project has been designed, it will be bringing direct fiber connections to about 97 percent of homes and businesses in the area.

This is all made possible because Downeast Broadband Utility is taking advantage of the new set of rules in place that gives them the right to attach fiber-optic cables to utility poles. Now the creation of a new, faster and more reliable broadband network is achievable.

If all goes as planned, construction is slated to begin this year on the project. Perhaps this will pave the way for other Maine communities, inspiring them to take change into their own hands. We’ll keep you up to date on the progress as future developments are made!