Meet the Post Road Foundation

Downeast Broadband Utility has been fortunate enough to partner with the Post Road Foundation, a nonprofit that values the link between sustainability and broadband internet connectivity. They’re focused on studying and researching the anticipated benefits of fiber optic technology within communities, particularly what needs to be done to yield greater energy savings, lower costs, and reducing the overall environmental footprint.

The Post Road Foundation was co-founded by Waide Warner and Seth Hoedl. Together they bring years of experience in leadership, environmental law and policy to their non-profit work. While specializing in other areas like energy law and telecommunications, they began uncovering the importance of bringing better internet connectivity to rural communities. Economic development and bettering the quality of life in these areas, begins with better connectivity through open access dark fiber optic utilities.

To bring these goals into fruition, the foundation chose five different community pilot programs to support and assist with research. Projects were chosen based on several different factors. The first being the ability to demonstrate strong project leadership, along with a high level of commitment to strengthen communities economically. They also took into account the level of need for better quality internet connectivity.

Downeast Broadband Utility is excited to see how this partnership brightens the future of our project, and generates the data and research that can help other rural communities that strive to have a more reliable internet service.

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