The Inside Scoop on Dark Fiber

As we talk about bringing better connectivity to the Calais and Baileyville, Maine communities, we mention the use of an open access fiber network. Our approach is slightly different however, in that we are going to be deploying dark fiber to homes and businesses.

What is dark fiber?

Dark fiber in reference to network cables, indicates that they can be leased by other providers who are interested in utilizing the network to create their own internet connections. This open access network will give people the option to choose from competitive pricing for the services they want to sign up for. They will no longer be limited to choosing from just the few companies in the area. In turn, this will help Downeast Broadband Utility to pay off the cost of the loans needed for the project, through the funds generated by the leased cables.

Recently Telecompetitor did a write up about the Downeast Broadband Utility project, highlighting the reasoning behind the approach to use dark fiber within an open access fiber network.

As quoted in the article, project director Julie Jordan states, “It was easier to sell the network to voters when we could say ‘You can own it and it can be open access and you’ll see better opportunities.’”

With the towns of Baileyville and Calais, Maine in agreeance that the communities would greatly benefit from having faster, more reliable internet, we were able to make steps in the right direction.

If you’re interested in reading the full write-up about the project and it’s initiatives, you can find it here: