Ten Reasons Why Fiber Optic Internet Benefits Rural Communities

There is more to fiber optic internet than simply offering faster service. It also opens the door for the Baileyville and Calais communities in terms of education, economic growth and more. When people ask how bringing faster internet to rural Maine communities can make a difference, our team at Downeast Broadband Utility begins by outlining the following benefits:

  1. Fiber can handle more data, at a faster rate, than DLS or cable.  Its limits have yet to be tested. Fiber offers faster connections (more bandwidth), reliability, security and longer economic life at a comparable price for the consumer.
  2. Fiber can position our communities for tomorrow’s jobs and economic growth.
  3. Access to fiber increases the value of private property.
  4. Fiber is a strong recruitment tool in the attraction of seasonal residents and telecommuters.
  5. Fiber to the premise will give Baileyville and Calais state of the art broadband as part of their infrastructures.
  6. The amount of information that is being downloaded/uploaded is growing exponentially – our devices are already being used for entertainment, education, communication and in our work.  Fiber will be able to handle the increased amount of data.
  7. Telemedicine, crucial to in-home aging, needs fast, reliable broadband service.  Washington County has the highest median age (46) in the state.
  8. Fiber will level the playing field for our students (children and adults) in their educational pursuits.  Information and knowledge will be “at their fingertips.”
  9. Fiber will help to bridge the digital divide and keep rural communities competitive and vibrant.
  10. Including fiber as part of our communities’ infrastructures will be providing a service to residents and businesses.

If you’re interested in staying up to date with what Downeast Broadband Utility is up to as it works to improve community infrastructures with a high speed fiber network, be sure to keep checking in with our blog!