Fiber Optic Broadband Internet – Current Progress

April – Network Builder Selected

  • Downeast Broadband is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement with Pioneer Broadband to build the new fiber optic network.
  • Pioneer, a Maine company based in Houlton, has extensive experience in the construction of fiber networks and is excited to begin working on the project.
  • The network will cover approximately 87 miles in Baileyville and Calais and cover 97% of each community.
  • Downeast Broadband’s goal is to offer fiber optic access to 100% of Calais and Baileyville and will work to extend the network to the remaining 3% in the near future.

May – Central Office Locations Determined

  • Central Office sites for Baileyville and Calais have been determined.  The Baileyville central office will be located on Broadway Street, adjacent to the Town Office and the Calais central office will be on Scouting Way, just off South Street.
  • The buildings, also known as communication shelters, will house the equipment necessary for ISP’s to bring you fiber optic broadband service and are approximately 10’ x 20’, weighing 55,000 pounds each.
  • They will be shipped from Ohio and placed on the prepared sites by crane.
  • We expect to have the buildings here, and in place, by the end of May!