Alexander Updates

January 23 | Update by Ted Carter

We are still waiting for approval of the final 3 pole applications which we were informed were going to be done this month so we will see. Eastern Maine Electric Coop has completed the work to provide electricity to the Colocation Building which allows Pioneer Broadband to begin to set up the racks, terminals, heat, etc to have it ready once the applications are approved and fiber is strung. While progress is slower than hoped for due to Covid related issues the Alexander Broadband Project is moving forward towards completion.

December 16  | Update by J.R. Gibson

Pioneer Broadband’s construction crew has been busy putting up strand in the areas that we have pole licenses.  Most of you have probably seen their crew in your travels, on part of Rt 9 from the South Princeton rd toward the school. They have also placed strand on the South Princeton rd, the Pokey rd and Pine Tree Shore rd.

Riverside Electric has been working on getting power to the CO-Locate building behind the town office. I am also encouraged because Eastern Maine Electric and Consolidated Communications have been working  steadily on the make ready work in the areas that we are waiting on licenses. All in all I believe things are beginning to progress nicely. It won’t be long before we start seeing some fiber being placed in our quiet little town.  This is getting exciting.

December 1  | Update by Ted Carter

Great news!

Alexander’s first pole application was approved from Consolidated Communications – For 196 poles! This covers Oak Lane, Tommy Long Rd, Pine Tree Shores, Fish House Lane, Pokey Rd, South Princeton Rd and Route 9 from the South Princeton Rd towards AES to pole 111. This now needs to be approved by EMEC also which is currently doing pole work in Alexander. Another one of the benefits of installing broadband is that all 773 poles in town have been surveyed, evaluated and will be updated if needed which improves and strengthens our entire electrical and communication infrastructure. There are 3 more applications to be approved. This Is a HUGE step forward in bringing high speed to Alexander.

September 16  | Update by Ted Carter

The Alexander Broadband Project continues to move forward…

Now that the Colocation Building has arrived work can proceed to get the “nerve center” ready. It will now be electrified and the hardware installed for operation of the system. Consolidated Communications has begun work on their pole make ready part of the project. ‘ The tentative completion date of this segment and the final approval of the 4 applications remains January 2022. Again once the 1st application is approved the laying of fiber will begin.

This Fall there are approximately 5 miles of tree trimming that need to be completed . This is a project that needs to be done anyways and the incumbent pole owners will be working with local arborists.

It is exciting to see this project that was only a thought 2 years ago, approved just a year ago taking shape today.

August 17  | Update by Ted Carter

The Alexander Broadband Project continues to move towards completion. The Colocation Building has arrived in Hermon, Maine from Ohio and delivered to town at a future date. Once it arrives it will be set up and made ready to serve as Alexander’s broadband nerve center by Pioneer Broadband.

The major impediment to a more timely and faster commencement of work is the approval of the 4 pole applications that were completed in April. These applications have been paid for, but will not be completed until January 2022. The incumbent pole owners are experiencing staffing and other work related issues so they are having difficulties in completing our applications in a more timely fashion.

Pioneer Broadband has always had all the materials necessary to complete the project and as soon as the first of the 4 applications are approved stringing fiber and hooking up customers will begin. We are fortunate that Pioneer has all the materials in stock as there is now up to an 80 week wait in some cases for these very same materials at a much higher cost.

The town is about to receive the first 25% of the $147,000 grant we received from Connect ME.

We are fortunate to be in the position we are in as we are ahead of the rest of the state and country right now with a final price, at an excellent cost with materials and funding in place and a reasonable timeline for completion. Further updates will be issued as needed.

May 20 | Update by Ted Carter

The Alexander Broadband Project continues to move towards completion. Site preparation for the Colocation Building will begin soon. Once the site preparation is complete the building will be delivered, set up and made ready for the installation of broadband fiber in town. Fiber installation on the poles will commence once the first of the 4 pole applications is approved by Consolidated Communications hopefully by early August.

April 15 | Update by Ted Carter

The Alexander Broadband Project Continues to move towards completion.  The pole survey will be finished April 14th as only the Pokey Road and a small section of the South Princeton Road remain to be surveyed.  So then all four sections will be completed.  The Consolidated surveyor believes he will have two of the four make ready estimates available for billing at this time.  Once payment is made Consolidated Communications and Eastern Maine Electric Co-Op need to approve the applications within 90 days.  So by the end of July construction could begin for those two sections. The remaining two sections will soon follow. The colocation building, the central hub, is on hold for the town. Once the site, behind the town office, is prepared it will be delivered and installed later this spring. The town, with selectman JR Gibson taking the lead, is working on a grant from Connect Maine.  Connect Maine has expressed strong support for cooperative efforts such as ours with the Downeast Broadband Utility (DBU).  The application is due April 29th.  Any further financial support on top of the $10,000.00 received from the Maine Community Foundation will be wonderful. This is truly an exciting project for Alexander’s future as we continue to build our ramp to the information highway. Further updates will be provided when warranted.

March 18 | Update

JR Gibson confirmed as VP for Downeast Broadband Utility Board.
3 out of the four first pole surveys have been completed.
We anticipate the first customers for Alexander to be hooked up at the end of 2021.

February 22nd | Pole Applications

First of four pole surveys have been completed with CCI and EMEC. The Central Office location has been determined.
Going forward all Alexander updates will be posted monthly.

October 15th | Welcome to The Board

Alexander selectman JR Gibson and alternate Ted Carter are added to the DBU Board.

August 24th | It started with an idea and now it’s becoming reality!

“The Town of Alexander will soon be the first to join Calais and Baileyville as part of Downeast Broadband Utility (DBU), a utility organization formed by the Town of Baileyville and the City of Calais.” Alexander Votes Overwhelmingly to Join Downeast Broadband Utility | The Calais Advertiser