September Updates

September 17th – We have received estimated make-ready costs from Consolidated Communications for South Street, North Street, Washington Street and Main Street in Calais! In addition to stringing the fiber, we will need to replace 3 utility poles. Another step forward.

September 13th – For the past year, Downeast Broadband has been working to bring fiber optic Internet access to the communities of Baileyville and Calais. Part of the project includes obtaining permission from the owners of the utility poles to attach the fiber. All of the poles in question are owned by either Consolidated Communications or Eastern Maine Electric Cooperative – except for one. Friends of the Scouts, based in Calais, represents our local Boy Scout Troop and owns one of the utility poles that will be needed for the fiber build.

Downeast Broadband was happy to learn that in exchange for assuming the responsibilities for any pole maintenance or repairs, Friends of the Scouts would be willing to grant a 100 year Easement to the Utility for the use of their pole. If DBU had not received the Easement, a new pole would have to be purchased and installed – a costly proposition. As a show of their appreciation for the generosity of Friends of the Scouts and for their support of this fiber to the premise project, DBU has donated $1,250 to the group.  Jim Porter, who sits on the utility’s Board of Directors, met with Ray Smale of Friends of the Scouts on Thursday, September 13, to make the donation and to accept the formal Easement Agreement.

September 6thApplications to survey the next 1,200 utility poles were submitted today. We are well on our way to bringing you access to some crazy fast Internet speeds, so buckle up – it’s going to be a fun ride!