True Fiber to the Homes & Businesses in Calais & Baileyville is just around the corner

It has been an exciting winter for Downeast Broadband’s Baileyville and Calais fiber to the home and business project.  Our crews have been working very hard installing the network.  We are looking at or around May 20th to be able to list the ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) that will be providing service on this exciting new network.  We have one committed ISP and others interested.  As the network continues to be built we will add customers on the go.  The exact streets in each town will be advertised when they are ready to provide service.  The hope is to begin signing up customers by Memorial Day!  Yep, it is that close.  As we move this along we will keep the residents of both towns aware of the streets that will be ready to go next.  Some of the fastest most reliable fiber networks available anywhere in the world will be open for business in Calais and Baileyville.  Please check our Facebook page and this website for updates.