January 2020 Update

Calais & Baileyville! Fiber internet is now available at new addresses on the streets listed below. Understand that not all house numbers are available for setup at this time.

Please visit https://pioneerbroadband.net for setup information!

Broadway, 2nd, Main, Houlton, 2nd Ave, Washington, Third Ave, Houlton, Access, Third, Broadway, Foley, Town, Hanson lane, Summit, Hillside, 3rd Ave, Washington, Cumberland, D, Oxford

South, Washington, North, Lincoln, Main St (Sections), River Rd, Cleveland, Harrison, Beach, Brook, Midland Ave, Union, Garfield, Todd, Pleasant, Chandler, Price, Poole, Cherry, High, Whitney, Customs Loop, Mclean, Monroe, Lowell, Carver, McGovern