Fiber Optic Broadband Internet in Baileyville and Calais, Maine

Downeast Broadband Utility is a nonprofit that is bringing high-speed broadband internet to rural Maine communities. Open-access dark fiber infrastructure allows Baileyville and Calais, ME to invest in a future that bridges the gap between rural communities, and technological and economic growth.

State of the Art Broadband Internet Connecting Rural Maine Communities

Fiber optic internet access is about more than just faster internet. It paves the way for opportunity within rural communities. The benefits of fiber optic broadband are endless. For starters, it is equipped to handle more data and at a faster rate than DSL or cable internet. In fact, its limits have yet to be fully tested.

In a world where the amount of information being downloaded on a daily basis is growing rapidly, fiber brings a reliable, secure and state of the art broadband service to communities that strive to stay economically competitive. Both residents and businesses can benefit from being connected to high speed internet.

Baileyville and Calais Map Samples



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Nathan Gardner

$59.95 for 100Mbps

Pioneer Broadband starts with a $59.95 price tag for 100Mbps/100Mbps. This speed is more than fast enough to handle all your HD streaming, uploading, screen

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“Reliable rural broadband access is essential to strengthen and diversify Maine’s economy. As we have seen today, rural broadband can help entrepreneurs grow their business, enable farmers to practice precision agriculture and access new markets, and help students learn in an expanding digital world. By building these bridges between Maine’s rural communities and a 21st century economy, we can help Maine businesses and people grow and thrive.”
– Senator Angus King

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